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The 2015 NFSS Annual Census is Now Closed.

The National Finch and Softbill Society's Annual Census was started in 1984. Its purpose is to collect information about the numbers of each species kept in captivity and of those, the number being bred. The results of the Census are available online: Census Results.

The census is open to both NFSS members and non-members in the US and Canada, and results are published on the website and the NFSS Journal. Participants may choose to remain anonymous, or to have their name included in the census to help those working with the same species to locate each other.

Everyone is encouraged to complete the census, from large-scale breeders and dealers, to hobbyist breeders, to pet owners with only a single pair. The data collected helps us to paint a picture of the state of finches and softbills in American and Canadian aviculture: how many we keep, in what states/provinces they are kept, how many are bred and how many are just enjoyed, etc. The census tells us which species are thriving, which need a little help, and which are in trouble of disappearing from aviculture.

It is very important to count every finch and softbill that we can. It is easy to assume that because one owns only a pair or a small collection of non-breeding birds, that they do not matter to the census. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many, many birds are kept in this way and it would be a shame for this entire group to be absent from the census data. Please take a few moments to contribute to the NFSS Annual Census and help us complete this picture.

If you have any problems, questions, or comments, please contact for assistance.